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Euroselección & Partners 15 días atrás   -   [ Guardar oferta ] [ Eliminar ] [ Abrir oferta guardada ]

Our client is one of the biggest online shops in the Netherlands for gears. Besides that they have a good market position in polish machines. The company is a fast growing professional E-commerce company, situated in Enschede. The culture is informal, young and dynamic...  >>

Optiva Media 2 días atrás   -   [ Guardar oferta ] [ Eliminar ] [ Abrir oferta guardada ] effectively across national boundaries •Ability to quickly understand business objectives and to recognise and capitalise on market opportunities •Self-motivated with the ability to continually self-monitor & develop •Self-motivated and proactive in the working...  >>

Oracle Hace un mes   -   [ Guardar oferta ] [ Eliminar ] [ Abrir oferta guardada ]

 ...the architectural principals of cloud platforms including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS Understanding of all cloud offerings in the market and ability to discuss cloud architectures A good understanding of enterprise application integration, including SOA, ESB...  >>

Trabajar en Holand Hace 2 meses

Aplícate ya   -   [ Guardar oferta ] [ Eliminar ] [ Abrir oferta guardada ]

 ...transform existing code so that our solutions become more flexible, scalable and modular and are ready to be unlocked to a world-wide market. Requirements You are already a very good Java developer. Stuff like J2EE, XML and JDBC comes naturally to you and you may...  >>

Dell EMC Hace 2 meses   -   [ Guardar oferta ] [ Eliminar ] [ Abrir oferta guardada ]

 ...organisation. ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES: + Leads the overall Systems Engineering Strategy, organizational structure, go-to-market, and solutions development for the Western Europe Enterprise SE teams. + Partners with the Enterprise Sales teams and...  >>




El trabajo freelance – es el trabajo sin contratación a largo plazo con el empleador. Es un trabajo temporal a distancia.

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