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Trabajo Justo Provincia de Huelva

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 ...punzantes, no distraerse, no charlar con compañeros durante tareas de manipulación de punzantes, colocar el contenedor de objetos punzantes justo al lado de la zona de trabajo para evitar desplazamientos con la aguja contaminada, desechar de manera inmediata el punzante... 
21 días atrás
 ...a pencil drawing (scanned in at 300 dpi and above) if easier. A 16:9 frame at least A5 in size (or full-HD if done on the PC). Can just be outlines if that's all that you've got time for within that hour, as long as the characters and location detail is there (basically... 
2 días atrás
 ...a summer/Autumn deadline for publishing. The book will be self published and self funded by myself. My budget is not huge (as I am just a mum) not a big company! Looking for an illustrator who is patient, friendly, passionate, honest and hardworking. You don't have to... 
16 días atrás
I just finished writing my second children's book and am looking for an Illustrator of super hero capabilities to make my story come to life! It is a short story with the need for only two character creations. Please apply for job if interested, and then contact me for... 
11 días atrás
Need album art enhanced with colors and add a water effect to the water. The album was drawn in color pencil now I just need it completed with enhancements. The title of the album is Submarine Dreams
27 días atrás
I have a traditional book/story board created. I just need an artist to take the chapters and summarize them into a comic book. Please apply for job if interested.
Hace un mes
 ...April 6, 2017, 7:00 - 8:30 PM. 75 people in attendance, some shots by a step and repeat as well as pictures of attendees mingling/posed together. Photos do not need to be retouched, just added to a thumb drive and/or posted to a website for download. Easiest gig ever!
7 días atrás
 ...understand anything in painting but my inspiration for mood of this picture is Barret Chapman's posters, especially Leon's cover. I'm not sure may I paste url so i just named poster and author. Payment is 50$ each cover. I think it will be about 10, but during the 3-4 months.
10 días atrás
 ...their magic ticket and the excitement of picking a toy out. I didn't want to use photoshop pictures of a treasure chest. Needs to have the magical experience of a hand-drawn picture (just like kids books have). Size of ticket would need to fit inside a business envelope.
Hace un mes
 ...artist to be able to paint a logo and design on a number of small cars. The cars are yet to be sourced but will be about shoe-box size and will need a logo and design painted on by hand. You will be reimbursed for materials so please just let me know your hourly rate.
25 días atrás

El trabajo freelance – es el trabajo sin contratación a largo plazo con el empleador. Es un trabajo temporal a distancia.

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