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EUROSELECCION AND PARTNERS 14 días atrás   -   [ Guardar oferta ] [ Eliminar ] [ Abrir oferta guardada ]

 ...pieces within the business strategy, for enhance their competitiveness and increase the positioning in the market. We´re seeking for freelance sales force to explore and deploy business opportunities on some Europe countries, starting by the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland,...  >>

Crew & Cruise 9 días atrás   -   [ Guardar oferta ] [ Eliminar ] [ Abrir oferta guardada ]

 ...Candidates must be at least 21 years old ; At least 1 year of experience with DSRL cameras in photographic studios, agencies or as freelance photographers ; Not afraid of hard work; Energetic & Enthusiastic; Outgoinf & Extrovert; Thrive in a team environment; If hired,...  >>

MOBICACREW Hace un mes   -   [ Guardar oferta ] [ Eliminar ] [ Abrir oferta guardada ]

 ...Motivated, friendly, keen to travel, hard working; WHAT WE OFFER Professional and international workplace in worldwide destinations; Freelance contract basis (4-6 months); Commission on sales; International health insurance cover; Accident insurance cover; Opportunity of...  >>




El trabajo freelance – es el trabajo sin contratación a largo plazo con el empleador. Es un trabajo temporal a distancia.

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