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Trabajo Au pair Zaragoza

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We search a person who want to be with us at least one year with our enjoyable family. Most importante thing is that my family and me enjoy using English in our life.
6 días atrás
 ...illustrator for 3 hours (from 5:30-8:30pm) to live draw on and off for 2 of these hours at each event. Illustrators will be re-drawing a pair of sunglasses (with a lot of intricate design details) and adding scenic illustrations to a canvas fab frame with half a Napoli... 
25 días atrás
I am looking for a fashion design artist that can sketch a pair of leggings (tights) for me. I already have the material I plan to sample but now I need to make the design. I prefer to sit side by side with the artist to show examples of what I want and do not want. If... 
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El trabajo freelance – es el trabajo sin contratación a largo plazo con el empleador. Es un trabajo temporal a distancia.

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