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Trabajo Justo Castilla y León

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Jorge & Sylwia Lopes, Lda  -  Castilla y León
 ...United Kingdom ! 1 - HealthCare Assistants for Colchester, Essex Ideal for a Couple or 2 friends. Very cheap accommodation onsite, just £30 per week per person, including all bills. + Caring for people with learning disabilities + Payment rate: £7.20 midweek and £8.50... 
13 días atrás
 ...lunes a viernes ( excepto 1, 10 Y 24 de mayo) en horario de 9.30 a 13.00 y de 15.30 a 20h. Funciones: ubicadas dentro del hipermercado justo en la entrada, se muestra a los clientes a utilizar una maquina de cupones descuento. Salario total 1.100€/b + 160€/b por... 
12 días atrás
Mercedes  -  Zamora
 ...health insurance at discounted rates, self-development opportunities, result-oriented bonus (variable payment) and pension plan are just some of the secondary benefits of working with us. If you are interested by this position to work for Mercedes in Roadside Assistance... 
11 días atrás
 ...mercados de un partido en cuestion,por ejemplo goles y victoria simple,luego sacaria mas mercados como por ejemplo asian handicap,y yo quiero que el avisador en cuestion me alerte justo cuando sale este tipo de mercados,en el ordenador,y a traves de mail o lo que sea al movil
27 días atrás
 ...Maybe the black girl can have banana braids, or a up do..and the Spanish girl have a ponytail, and the white girl have long red hair. I just want them to look real, and cut. I have written a story about 3 girls who fascinated with getting married because they watch... 
17 días atrás
 ...models with texture. There are 2 main characters that must be modeled after two real life individuals. The rest of the characters just need to be high poly textured 3d models that fit their roles. We NEED a high quality project like the YouTube links we sent you.... 
3 días atrás
 .... 2.9 ft/sec 3- Same as #2 but 4.8ft/sec. No texture needed on the character (Gray/white figure with global illumination render). Just textures on the treadmill machine. Have a treadmill 3D model. Due to tight deadline, we are eliminating the texture map on the figure... 
22 días atrás
Looking for a video editor, we have plenty of material just looking to consolidate it and edit it. We are aiming to make four kinds of video for our company which does primarily with tree care. Videos will need to look professional and will be centered primarily for attracting... 
10 días atrás
 ...need the ship steampunked slightly. It will have to fly by the camera showing the gondola in some detail. Backgrounds would likely just be green screen. I would like to see some examples of your work and would be particularly interested in someone who has animated airships... 
14 días atrás
 ...this volume, because I am very confident that adding it to your resume will be another work you've laid your hands on will impress just about any employer who looks for and seeks out great talent. Synopsis: Seasonal figures (Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, etc... 
2 días atrás
 ...troubleshooting and form development, Real Estate investing, Fashion Merchandising, Research for new innovations, and the Hair care industry just to name a few ! A&W Consulting, Inc. is basically paying you to diversify your skill sets and increase your marketability. If you... 
Hace un mes
I just finished writing my second children's book and am looking for an Illustrator of super hero capabilities to make my story come to life! It is a short story with the need for only two character creations. Please apply for job if interested, and then contact me for... 
Hace un mes
 ...lessons. I own my own keyboard and acoustic guitar that I have in the past tried to self teach my self with adult self teach books. I just need a teacher who will help lead me in the right direction because I thrive off feedback and knowledge from wonderful people who... 
24 días atrás
 ...thunder and lightning. Then you see two archeologists one man and one woman wearing safari gear along with villagers with spears, wearing just rags for shorts and two mercenaries in boots and safari gear carrying rifles slowly creeping through the bushes. Then the words... 
19 días atrás
 ...April 6, 2017, 7:00 - 8:30 PM. 75 people in attendance, some shots by a step and repeat as well as pictures of attendees mingling/posed together. Photos do not need to be retouched, just added to a thumb drive and/or posted to a website for download. Easiest gig ever!
Hace un mes

El trabajo freelance – es el trabajo sin contratación a largo plazo con el empleador. Es un trabajo temporal a distancia.

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